Summer Learning

In the midst of running through the sprinklers, pool days, trips to the beach, and endless popsicle consumption you can sneak a little learning into your kids days. Here are a few simple ideas to incorporate learning into those fun summer activities.

  • Chalk fun: depending on your child’s age you can have them either trace letters you write with chalk or have them write their letters independently. Chalk is also great to talk about colors, draw shapes, and play simple strategy games like tic tac toe.
  • Water balloons: you read that right; water balloons! Kids need to work on those motor skills just as much as their academic skills. Throwing water balloons at a target, playing a toss and catch game, or even t-ball with water balloons instead of a ball is a great way to work on hand eye coordination and following directions.
  • Summer bucket list: help your kids write a summer bucket list. Have them come up with ideas of things to do and keep track of things you’ve accomplished. You can even add activities to a calendar or mark up a local map with your favorite destinations.
  • summer is fun but also HOT! It’s great to have a resource like ABC Mouse to use indoors with your kids. This app does it all. It’s loaded with educational fun that will help improve your child’s literacy and math skills all while keeping them completely engaged. Some schools even incorporate ABC Mouse at school as well.

Summer fun is a must. Adding some learning into your adventures and play can only make it better. How are you making the most of your summer this year?



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