Infants & Toddlers


Our unique approach to infant care is a dynamic combination of the personal touch of home-based childcare with the professionalism and accountability of a larger child care center.

Our infant rooms are homey and bright to offer a caring and comforting environment. Teachers meet baby’s needs consistently, promptly, and lovingly in response to each child’s individual schedule. We provide appropriate stimulation and activities for our babies according to their age and developmental stage. Our caregivers make sure parents are informed daily about their child’s growth and development. Our infants’ needs are monitored constantly and all feedings, diaper changes and other activities are recorded for the parents’ daily.

Infant 1

Infant to crawling room- Infants are being encouraged on gross motor skill development. Tummy time and muscle strength are focused on to facilitate crawling.

Infant 2

Crawling to early walking-Infants are progressing to transitioning from baby food to early table food. Muscle development and gross motor skills are still the focus as we work with infants to develop walking skills.


Advanced walkers in this classroom. Students transition from crib sleeping to mat sleeping. Focus in this classroom turns to working on fine motor skills such as self-feeding, sorting, etc. Older students in this room begin to transition from a high chair to table seating. These students are our youngest to go outside for recess time.



Our Toddler program offers our students a combination of independence and security. The curriculum portion of our day begins with circle time where students are engaged by a variety of activities presented by our caring and attentive teachers. Our teachers utilize play to increase toddlers’ vocabulary and letter and number recognition. Students are working on fine motor skills like sorting, eating, holding paintbrushes, and markers. There’s an emphasis on participating in group activities, learning appropriate social skills, and focusing on instructional curriculum and verbal skills. Our toddlers enjoy playtime both in their classrooms and on our toddler playground that’s equipped with a shade cover and a soft play surface. Both indoor and outdoor areas offer a range of activities that fosters exploration and growth. Once in our toddler program our kids promote once a year following the school schedule with classroom promotions taking place in late August.


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