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Treetop Friends is an exciting new curriculum created and developed by professionals in the childcare and preschool industry specifically for childcare and preschools around the country.

As a preschool owner since 2009, Brandi Watterson is very familiar with the childcare and preschool curriculums on the market. Many of the existing curriculums had strong elements but also had gaps in meeting the needs of a well-rounded product. There was a need for a curriculum that properly equipped the teachers and inspired the students to enjoy learning. That’s where Treetop Friends comes in. 

Treetop Friends is all about Teaching Made Simple and Learning Made Fun. Your teachers will be equipped with a toolbox for successful classroom management at their fingertips, all while taking their students on a journey through the year as they dive into the monthly themes, and get to know the Treetop Characters introduced into each age group.

Watch this short video to learn more about the planning, development, and testing of Treetop Friends.

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