Car seat safety can sometimes be a hot button topic amongst parenting groups. One thing we can all agree on is that keeping our kids safe is our number one priority. You may have seen the disturbing crash test video of an infant crash dummy being thrown from a car seat because of being buckled in while wearing a jacket.The jacket hinders a nice snug fit and allows the doll to slip right our of the harnesses. While we seem to be done with cold weather here in Texas, it’s a great reminder to slow down and take the extra few minutes to remove your child’s jacket before buckling them in.
There are a lot of great resources online for how to properly buckle your child in as well as charts that help you decide what type of seat is the right fit. If you still aren’t feeling sure the local emergency personnel hold regular car seat checks and welcome drop-ins to be sure your seat is safely installed. For all things about keeping your kids safe in the car check out